Bee Happy Introduces New Flavours

Bee Happy Introduces New Flavours

Honey is one of the first good things you can do when you are looking to make a change to your diet. It's got all the goodness of sugar for sweet tooth sufferers like me, but it's also packed full anti oxidants and anti inflammatories. You can use it for just about anything; a natural sweetener or a binding agent for a beauty mask. It's awesome!

It's widely available but quality is always a thing, vis a vis how natural is my natural honey? Always best to stick to local suppliers. So obviously I am excited to hear about this great new company, beehappy that offers organic, locally sourced honey. Add to it, in 3 amazing flavours: raw forest honey, honey and ginger and honey and cinammon.

The packaging is gorgeous! I could easily send this as a gift package to someone and earn friendship points, it's incredibly well done. 
And I could surprise said person with a collection of all 3 cause they offer deliveries. 

I can get my own roses, but I could always use a dose of happy and some honey and this seems like an all in one in that regard. 
Follow beehappy for more information on how to place your order.

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