Out and About: Intercontinental Hotel Nairobi

Out and About: Intercontinental Hotel Nairobi

Flashback: A good night's sleep.

So I thought I would put up a post I never got round to before. A flashback to the time I got a complimentary night's stay at the intercontinental hotel Nairobi. 

It was so cool but I've never felt right posting it cause I didn't eat, or take it in as much as I should have, it's something I now wish I enjoyed more.

Anyway in the interest of enjoying the simple things, I hope you like it, I could've done more. And now that I know exactly what to do with the buffet station I bet I won't get any more invites. 

The view though, one of the best I have experienced. Simply stunning.

A few pics of what should really have been a lot better.

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