Java House Africa introduces new healthy green smoothie!

Java House Africa introduces new healthy green smoothie!

Rejuvinate! Recharge! Revitalize!

Revitalize this month with the new healthy green smoothie from Java House Africa. If I could I would snort instant coffee up my nose every morning.
And now that I have given you a glimpse of how I like my day to day meals to start, it should not surprise you that I am a huge fan of smoothies.
Not only are they a great, quick and easy way to get your daily allowance of fruit and veggies, the also go the glorious extra mile and help to do amazing things like detox your system, improve digestion and assist in weightloss.
And conveniently  or by the sheer grace of God Java House Africa has introduced a new healthy smoothie. For a limited time only you can add to your detox routine, or ease your conscious after a heavy meal or just to look fancy and mainstream. 

Try one at any Java House restaurant, but again it's  for a limited time only so TODAY! 

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