Java Introduces BBQ chicken wings

Java Introduces BBQ chicken wings

First of all Java is awesome!  And I am not just saying that as a coffee addict, I really do love having good food in pretty places.

Now it used to be that I had to get into a matatu and head to Adam’s arcade or 20th century to meet up with the girls and enjoy a sandwich with to go strawberry lemonade. But the increased convenience of the brand is not lost on me; I have literally taken a walk mid writer’s block in my pyjamas (pajamas)  and had a latte for the stress and pain.


Okay, yes this post is a plug but let’s be real for a second who hasn’t been to Java for something and left amazed that one, I could afford that and two, I am stuffed? It ain’t tricking if you got it.

Now about these pretty pictures, BBQ chicken wings, go have some, they are … AMAZING!  

I don’t think this is a date night meal; my guess is that you’re going to forget yourself and get the sweet and spicy sauce all over you.

 The portion is not to be messed with as well you may finish the meal but he may also never call you again… and maybe that would be worth it.

Perfect for a cheat meal or a great and affordable family meal on a Sunday, delicious, pocket friendly, filling and again a stone throw away from anything you may need.


Definitely a #Musttry so be smart and get into it!


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